What Causes Bunions?

By Providence Foot Health Center
September 27, 2021
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Bunions are uncomfortable bumps on the side of the foot that can make wearing your shoes difficult. They can also be very painful as the protruding skin rubs along the side of the shoe. The most common type of bunions manifests on the side of the big toe. You can take steps toward managing the discomfort they can bring on with the help of your podiatrist, but what is it that causes bunions in Washington, DC? A number of risk factors can make you more likely to develop them. To learn more, reach out to Dr. James Mintzer of Providence Foot Health Center.

Risk Factors

Wearing shoes that are too tight-fitting and carrying extra weight can contribute to developing a bunion, but it is believed that the underlying reason for them is genetic and has a lot to do with the structure of your feet. If you are already predisposed, the above-mentioned factors can exacerbate the condition. What is happening beneath the skin is that your big toe is becoming forced inward and the bump that is created is actually your joint as it now gets pushed outward.


The most important thing to do is to begin wearing shoes with plenty of room for your toes. A bunion bends your big toe in the direction of the other four, so you don't want footwear that squeezes them together even more. A cause for concern is friction between your toes and where the bunion rubs against the edge of the shoe. By wearing shoes that are too tight you risk further deforming your foot.

Bunion Treatment in Washington, DC

Your podiatrist can recommend orthotics to help improve support and reduce pressure on your feet. They can also recommend padding to aid with the pain associated with bunions. These treatments do not decrease the size of your bunion, to do so or to treat severe discomfort, your doctor may suggest surgery in an effort to provide you with relief.

If you are suffering from bunions in Washington, DC, don't wait to do something about them. Contact your podiatrist Dr. Mintzer of Providence Foot Health Center by dialing 202-269-4062.


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