Finding the Right Treatment for Pesky Bunions

By Providence Foot Health Center
September 04, 2020
Category: Foot Care
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A bunion is a swelling at the base of the big toe, which as it grows, causes the big toe to bend inwards, eventually crossing the second toe. Bunions can be a real pain in the foot and can make your life miserable. Dr. James Mintzer is a podiatrist at Providence Foot Health Center in Washington DC, where he treats all types of foot and ankle problems including plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, and bunions.

Treatment for Bunions

When bunions are not treated, they can be very painful and unattractive. They can also make wearing shoes difficult. Washington, DC patients have the following treatment options for bunions:

  • Medication: You may take oral anti-inflammatory medications to ease the discomfort. If the pain is severe, Dr. Mintzer may recommend anti-inflammatory injections.
  • Orthotic inserts: You can buy orthotic inserts from your local pharmacy. But if you want orthotic inserts that provide real comfort, Dr. Mintzer can provide you with customized inserts.
  • Surgery: If your bunions are severe and causing a lot of pain, Dr. Mintzer may recommend surgery.

Surgical Correction of Bunions

You will be given a local anesthetic before the procedure. Dr. Mintzer will use one of three bunions removal procedures:

  • Osteotomy: Your big toe joint will be realigned to its normal position.
  • Exostectomy: Your bunion will be removed from the joint without the realignment,
  • Arthrodesis: If the joint is damaged, it may be replaced with metal plates or screws to correct the misalignment.

After the procedure, your foot will be bandaged, and you should be able to go home with three hours. Recovery typically takes several weeks.

If you live in Washington, DC and you would like Dr. Mintzer to take a look at your bunions, call his office at (202) 269-4062 to make an appointment.


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